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About me

I am a Cambridgeshire based artist and printmaker, specialising in lino and screenprint. I enjoy the methodical processes of creating the image through to producing limited runs of original prints.


Drawing is an essential part of my artistic practice. When drawing I love accidents, they should be embraced as they are all part of the drawing’s development. Text is integral, helping me to document the moment in time through sights, sounds and thoughts as the image develops.


I also make books, handmade sketchbooks and zines. I enjoy working in this format, it’s nice to hold art in your hands and experience it in a different way.

I depict things which catch my eye: urban surroundings, birds, buildings and the often overlooked. Nowadays we all seem to live in our own bubbles, bypassing the little details. It is nice to stop and appreciate these.

It's amazing what you see when you really look.

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